craigslist '95 FZJ80 near Boise - Info on condition??

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Has anyone in the Boise area gone to check out the red 80 that's listed on Craigslist? (TOYOTA LAND CRUISER). I talked to the fellow and am quite interested, but live 600 miles away so was wondering if anyone knew anything more about it.

Positive notes:
- lady driven
- never been wheeled (at least by the latest owner). He had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about differential lock
- supposedly very little rust, though typical Idaho rock chips (his words)

Areas of potential concern:
- the stitching on the driver's seat is apparently coming out
- they add about a quart of oil every two months. I've read that burning some oil isn't all that uncommon, but have no idea if that is excessive, especially since he couldn't tell me how far his wife drives in that length of time
- it also leaks the odd drop of oil on the garage floor

If anyone knows anything more about this vehicle, I'd appreciate hearing what your thoughts were.
Jan 15, 2003
Eagle, ID
Star is literally about 5 mi from me. Want to me to go takes look? If so, give me a list of what specifically you want.
Apr 4, 2012
Looks in decent shape for the miles. I ran a CARFAX on it last night. Unfortunately it does have an accident report. I'm not sure how concerned to be about that.

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