Wanted 95-97 3x Locked 80 near Virginia (1 Viewer)

Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
  2. LX450
United States
Hey guys, new to the forum; I used to have an 04 TJ that I've since given to my younger brother. I've been looking at the 80 series for a while now, both to daily and then eventually build up. I don't have many preferences besides the fact that I want it locked front & rear, and would like minimal, to no rust. Mileage doesn't matter either, but service records to back up 250k+ would be very appreciated. My budget is 12k, however I can very slightly stretch that if the rig is in great shape. I don't mind traveling but would like to keep it close to VA. I know with this budget I'm not going to get a perfect example, but that is understandable. I drove a couple hours to go buy one yesterday, but upon arrival it had much more rust, broken things, and faults than I was initially told. I'd like to avoid another situation like that!
Nov 14, 2018
Tucson, AZ
I've got a 97 In NY. Frame is good however there is a little body rot in the usual areas. Runs and drives good, will need some work but it is a decent rig. Text 520 237 2097 if interested

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