94 fzj80 Upper Hatch parts

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Oct 2004
Oct 30, 2004
United States
Does anybody need anything off this?

Its off a 11/93. I replaced it 7/05 and recently traded it in.
Obviously the shell is toast. so are the lift struts. Emblems are gone.
Everything else is there and working.
I can offer very cheap shipping to anywhere USA w/ Fedex employee discount.
Price? CHEAP....let me know what you need or its going to the dump soon.

Located in Kinnelon, NJ 07405
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PM sent

Pm Sent
How much for the wiper motor and linkage? When I bought my 80 the rear wiper didn't work and after I pulled it apart to investigate I found the linkage was rusted tight and must have blown the motor. I may need the control box too, but i need to get in there with a meter to check it first. Thanks.

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