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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
I’ve decided it’s time to move on from my 80. The damage is from a fire hydrant. Starts, runs, drives, shifts, stops, and turns fantastic. I’ve got it pretty dialed with maintenance, most seals and hoses have been replaced or I have new OE ones. PHH, valve cover, oil pump, a lot of vacuum hoses. Full tune-up done around November. If it needed it, it’s gotten it.

Eaton E-lockers FR and RR
4.56 Yukon gears
Hubs/knuckles rebuilt
Pretty much all of the DVS suspension bits: High clearance arms, spacers, panhard lift, spring retainers, sway bar and bump brackets.
Dobinsons adjustable RR control arms
Iron man adjustable FR pan hard
Arb adjustable pan hard
New bushings all around
A lot of new hardware
Dobinson 3” Dual Rate Variable Springs
Iron man foam cell pro shocks (my favorite mod so far)
315 75 16 duratracs
New brakes: pads rotors, calipers, extended hoses etc.
Diff breathers
DC front drive shaft
New OE steering pump
Sequoia alternator
I think there’s more but that’s what I can remember is installed.
Transmission feels perfect
I have a ton of parts laying around for it. Including a dual battery setup
I did a combustion leak test and it’s good no milk shake either. I think the head gasket is good.
Compression tested 150psi to 145psi.

Known issues:
Smokes on startup
Some oil leaks are still left but I don’t have drips in my driveway.
P/S reservoir leaks
Shifter linkage is a little off and you have to bump it into park to get the key out SOMETIMES.
Radiator leaks where I broke the steam vent off and tried to jb weld it. I have a whole new radiator for it.
All the window switches and motors work but not from the driver’s switch. Sometimes they do. I haven’t traced all the wires yet. Everything else works including the antenna.
Sunroof glass is cracked but I have an entire replacement.
Still some driveshaft vibration.
I have replacement vapor barriers and door cards. Only the front door cards are on now.
Needs new E-brake cable, just the exposed one the works the right brake.
Slider window seals leak a little.

I’ve only had it a couple years so everything I’ve put on is still pretty fresh.

I’ll remember more and get better pictures up as I go through it getting cleaned up to sell. I figured I’d throw a post up now and see what happens. I don’t think people looking for a perfect 80 are even reading anymore anyway. I know the price will seem high to some people but I’ve asked around and I really do believe it’s fair. I have a ton more pictures if you slide into my PMs.

Parts for body damage are about $700. I’ve been quoted $1500, $2000, and $4500 in labor. The first two were small shops and the other was a pretty big shop that I don’t think wanted to deal with it. I’ve had a lot of fun with this truck but I think it’s time to try a 100 or get another 2nd gen Tacoma. I am flexible on price and would like to sell quickly before I change my mind. Open to trades.

$12,500 OBO


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