'94 FZJ Another Mysterious Coolant Leak (above trans)

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Mar 19, 2011
Comaville in the Midwest
Replaced the radiator, big hoses and clamps several weeks ago. Noticed that my coolant level was 1 liter (~1 quart) or so low every few days but never saw a drip. I'd smell antifreeze while driving on hot days but never see a leak. Got worried it was the head gasket again or heater core. Replaced the radiator cap and tightened up the constant tension clamps on the PHH and all the new clamps for the big hoses.

The other day after a quick trip I noticed a substantial drip from the rear of the engine but could not spot the leak and it stopped after 1-2 minutes. Got back home and topped it off after cool down. Took it out tonight for a test drive and sure enough after 10 minutes of highway driving I came to a stop to check for leaks and there it was again. Drove back and put it right up on the lift. Took off the driver side front wheel. A HAH! Pinhole in the hose that runs from the head up to the throttle body. Sneaky, very very sneaky.

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