94 fzj-80 in Massachusetts


Nov 27, 2004
Central Massachusetts
1994 Fzj80 (unlocked)
50 mi west of Boston, MA
170k miles

I bought this rig from a North Shore Oral Surgeon last spring. Since then, I have
o replaced the rear heater hoses (rear section: OEM pipes; front section: 5/8" Gates hose)
o replaced left tie rod end
o rebuilt steering box
o new OEM muffler
o replaced the catalyst seals & hardware (cats themselves are ok)
o removed & re-sealed back window
o removed the running boards (they are included)
o new OEM shocks
o removed and wire-brushed the tow hitch
o replaced the steering high-pressure return line
o alignment
o replaced front driveshaft

The good
o The truck runs great, compression is consistent between the cylinders
o Interior is complete, no rips/tears or excessive wear
o The body is solid, with minimal rust for the Northeast
o I've changed the oil twice in about 10k miles, Mobil 1 5/30
o All equipment works properly (windows, cruise, etc)
o AC blows nice and cold, front & rear heaters work great
o No accidents, CarFAX is clean

The bad
o The truck has a mildewy smell. I've made a couple of half-hearted attempts to clean it, but cleaning isn't really my thing...
o Will need tires, about 25% of tread left
o steering box has a minor leak (dime-size overnight). it was 'rebuilt' by a toyota dealer tech, still leaks
o back door/top hatch has a rust spot that I ground out and re-painted, I also replaced the back-window seal. Still some rust there.
o back door latch does not work
o The AM/FM/CD works fine sitting still, skips when you're moving...typical of these units
o The driver's window works fine in warm weather, very slow in cold...typical of these trucks
o Front axle service has not been done. There's a mild click-click from the front end.
o There's a dent from a baseball in the front-right fender.
o There are small amounts of rust creeping in, most notably on the back door/hatch and front bumper.

It's my understanding that the radiator was replaced about 3 years ago. I haven't noted any leaks other than the steering box

I love this cruiser and want it to go to a good home. My wrenching time is getting more and more rare...I need something to plow with this winter....and I have too many cars as it is.

Priced for quick sale at $7,000. Please contact me with questions, etc via PM, e-mail to gregcgen@yahoo.com, or call 978-895-0914.

I will be posting pics later today.


Greg C
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Sep 28, 2004
Norwich, VT
The photos show no hitch. If you have the hitch and its a 2" reciever would you be interested in selling it?

Rob M Concord, MA
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