94 FJ80 for Sale DFW (that's Texas to those not in the know)

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United States
Posting for a friend:

1994 LC 173K champaign color outside, brown leather inside.
4" Lift (not sure the details, was done at 4-wheel parts), Goodyear MTR's (bald). Asking 5K Firm.

The bad:

Needs rear main seal replaced, oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket.
Check engine light is on and has been cleared but comes back on right away, codes are engine running too rich, and too lean at the same time. Mechanic thinks its o2 sensor(s). Inspection is expired, owner will be taking care of that.
Minor fender/bumper ding at the front (hit someone with a brush guard on, ouch)
Power brake booster needs to be replaced.

The good:

4" Lift and I think 35's (didn't get a really good look, and the owner doesn't know 33's from 35's). Nice loud stereo (eclipse is the brand), all I know is its loud. Leather is in good shape, no rips/tears (passenger seat has been recovered in last 2 years).

Owner is stand up guy and is willing to work with people, just doesn't need his LC anymore.

Call Todd @ 469-879-3733 (McKinney, TX)
Here is the CL ad: http://dallas.craigslist.org/car/317348155.html
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