94 blown head gasket or swap in a 97 complete engine??

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Jun 10, 2003
Mooresville, NC -- Lake Norman
I bought a 94 with a blown head gasket... milkshake in the oil.
Traced this to leaking rear heater hard lines.
The motor still runs good but blows steam from exhaust when warms up.
230k on odo.

I also have what turns out to be a 97 (by ecm part #) complete motor with wiring harness 160k mileage.
I have read that the 97 is obd2 and has a crankcase sensor that is different from my 94.

So my question is.... should I just do the head gasket on the 94 or swap the whole 97 engine and use my 94 computer?
I like the fact that the 97 is only 160k and complete but after reading on the forum I don't know if it would just be better to do the head gasket on the 94 and be done.

If you know the 97 motor is good, then go with that. No telling what shape the inside of the bad HG motor is in and the potential for damage to the main bearings from the coolant sitting in the motor is substantial. Me I would put in the 97 then open up the 94 and see what you have.

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