94 Alarm Keyless Entry Question

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May 15, 2005
How do I tell what factory alarm I have and can I get a keyless remote for it? I'm getting really tired of using my key to open the doors on the 94. It's got the box under the driver's seat. All the threads I've read are for 96 or 97 rigs w/a RS3000 or the other one I can't remember right now.
If it looks like the attachment, then its the TVSS (Toyota Vehicle Security System)

I bought a spare (newer looking) remote off of ebay a while ago. For the most modern style, make sure it has FCC ID: BAB237131-022 and is BLACK in color (not gray)

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The black remote shown above will work with the 91-97 trucks.

The RS3000 / TVSS / TDSE remotes are interchangeable.

(BLACK RS3000 only, not gray)

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