'94 80 series rear locking diff (NY)

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Sep 2, 2003
Metro NY
United States
This is from a 1994 80 series Land Cruiser. The gears (stock 4.10
ratio) and internals are in excellent condition - no slop. I do not
know if the actuator motor works - I have not tested it (I am told
it's pretty easy to rebuild if it is not functioning right off the
bat). I got this to install in the front of my FJ40 but I have decided
to go in a different direction. It comes with the rotary dash switch
from the 80 and the plug and a few inches of wire after the connector
at the diff end so it should be pretty easy to wire up. (NOTE: you could also score the cable locker conversion for sale here on mud to make this a super easy install)

I haven't done anything other than pull it out of the shipping box to
make sure it was what I expected... If you take it as it is now I'll
let it go for $360 - my cost. If I go ahead and do any work cleaning
up the exterior, testing the actuator/motor etc the price will go up
to at least $425.
(the $360 price I paid was with my assumption that the actuator will
probably need attention. This came from a wrecking yard and was not
tested by them either - at this price they were not going to put
any effort into it.)

I have pictures and will answer any questions you may have. This is a
good opportunity to add a selectable locker to the front a 40/55/60/62
Land Cruiser for cheap. Full description on installing this is available here on
ih8mud and elsewhere. Or... take this as a
spare for your 80 series!

Located on Long Island, NY. Shipping on your dime - will deliver to CMCC for free.

I may need this. I'm troubleshooting a noise in my 94. Could be rear diff. How much shipping to 80915. Can be slow shipping; not in a huge hurry....yet.

I don't know how to tell if you reply...could you just email me?

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