'93FZJ80 - wheels & center caps painted (1)

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Jan 2, 2010
Walnut Creek, CA Bay Area
I wanted to share the latest chapter in my major FZJ80 project rebuild which involved re-finishing the wheels and center caps.

Unfortunately, I don't have before pics of the wheels but suffice to say, they were in bad shape: scratches, dings, divots, general neglect from 17 years of work !

This project also coinsided with the purchase of my fifth set of Michelin LTX M/S's so if the tires look new, they are !

OK, the details.

Wheels were sand blasted and powder coated by a buddy of mine who runs a comercial powder coating facility in Madera, CA. The paint chip I gave him was a piece of steel painted with the Dupli-Color Platinum MC color, often mentioned here as a direct match for the center wheel caps. He called and said he couldn't match it exactly with 'standard powder' so I gave him the option of going a little darker if he needed. I figured the contrast would not look bad. He also 'cleared' the powder coat so it's both gloss and smoooooooooooth !

The center caps I did. I tried to apply the Dupli Color over the caps after a good cleaning but the paint would not adhere. I ended up sanding all the original paint off, going back to the original plastic and then using a primer and an 'adhesion promoter' to get the final color to stick. 3 ultra thin layers of color were applied with a wet 1500 sanding between each coat.

My final touch was to pick up the Toyota touch-up paint that matches my dark green. I painted the Totota symbol with this color snd then the caps were 'cleared' with three untra thin layers.

I'll let you all judge for yourself but I think the final product is stunning !

Wheels and center caps, part 2

More of the process...
Wheels and center caps, part 3

More of the same...
Wheels and center caps. part 4

And again....
Wheels and caps, the final !

And here's the final product...
Try this again....

One more try...
Those look really, really nice! Did you have the tires balanced with the weights only on the inside?
That looks so good! I have not washed my LC or her rims for over 4 years!:)
Those look really, really nice! Did you have the tires balanced with the weights only on the inside?

Yep, they were balanced. I didn't want the ugly weights on the outside of the wheels so they used those sticky ones in the inside. I believe a few of the pics show the weights in the inside.

:clap:Very nice job! Looks great.

Makes me want to get some spacers and use center caps.

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