93 Toyota Pickup 4x4

Oct 24, 2005
Cuba, MO
Hey everyone,

Its a 1993 Toyota Extended Cab Pickup. 3.0 and auto tranny with 4wd. It has 241xxx miles on it but still runs great. It has michelin 31x10.50 A/T tires with i would say after comparing to my wife's 4runner tires of the same type have closer to 40%tread left. The 4wd is super solid(never been offroaded to hard, i have went through a few mudholes(made it thourgh no problem) but never abused. It has two problems, one cosmetic and the other mechanical. It also leaks a small amount of oil but does not smoke at all.

The Cosmetic problem is a bent bumper and rear quarter panel. The bumper is still solid but its just bent. The bottom corner of the corner panel is crushed due to the bumper but a person with experience in body work could fix it I think.

The mechanical problem is a bad fan clutch. The truck will overheat when driving in the spring or summer in city traffic. While driving down the road at normal speeds its fine but when you slow down in heavy traffic the temp will creep up, but once you start rolling again its fine. I have checked the clutch and I am pretty sure that it is the problem.
This thing gets great gas mileage for this motor/tranny combo. I have seen it get 23 MPG according to the odometer.

It includes many new(er) parts on it. They include

water pump
Almost all AC parts.
Power steering pump(the reservior leaks)
new spark plugs(week of november 7th, 2005
New Plug Wires

Here on MUD I will take $4000 for it as it is. If I fix the fan clutch and the rear bumper/quarter panel the price will be adjusted accordingly.

The truck is in Rolla, MO right on Interstate 44. It can be delivered for a agreed upon cost(Gas and transportation home)

I won't be on my computer alot, maybe an hour or two a day during the week, so if you PM me leave your number and I will call as soon as possible.

Any questions just ask!!

Check Sig Line for link to pictures.

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Mar 27, 2003
Frederick, MD
I take it that your truck is a standard cab?
I just bought a new-to-me mini so I'll give you my take on the lack of responses: Most folks who would frequent this site are would primairly consider a mini as either a potential build-up candidate or an economical DD. With the auto tranny and the 3.0 you have the least desireable combination for a potential project. Nor is 3.0 is well known for it's economy as a grocery getter. Additionally the mileage is kind of high. I don't mean to be offensive, but I wouldn't have even considered a truck that wasn't a 22R(E) and 5-speed manual. An extra-cab would be an added point of interest.
If the truck is a real good looker, post some pictures of it. It might help to draw attention. Otherwise I think that you might have better luck on E-Bay.
Good luck with the sale.
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