93 FZJ80 Working Factory lockers

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United States
It has been my wife's primary vehicle for 4 years. Here is the description:

1993 FZJ80 22x,xxx miles. Working front and rear factory locking diffs. Absoulutely no rust. Originaly a Arizona vehicle and now a central Florida for the last 4 years. Original paint and no accidents. Clear coat is peeling on the roof and hood. Engine, trans, transfer and axels run perfect. New bearings,seals and drive flanges in the front axels 12k ago. Complete lube service (synthetic grease on driveshafts) at that time too. Reupholstred manual front seats.Third row seats included. New tires. KYB shocks. No vibrations at any speed up to 80mph.

My plan was to build it into a nice rig but I am in the US Army and with my deployments I have no time to build it and I get deployed again in August. I am going to buy my wife a new car. This is a really solid Landcruiser. Price is $4500. Let me know.

561-512-6046 cell
hes in central Florida

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