93 FZJ80 in Canada

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United States
1993 Runs and drives like a champ, but has Ontario rust...
New HG last year
Greaseable birf's with PRV
Aussie Locker
New Tokico shocks
CDL mod
New OEM Otwo sensors this year thanks to recall
Synthetic services
Leather 8 passenger interior.
Has great road manners unlike my JDM HDJ81
Never overheated
Good oil pressure as per Mechanical Gauge.
Comes with OEM manual(1994 edition)

Would like to sell before I get tied up doing body work or switching the 90 JDM RHD to LHD from using tha above as my donor...
How much are you asking? Does it need much to pass safety or emissions?
Looking for $5000.00
Safety wise one rear inner brake plate, nothing a little brazing won't fix.
Norther Ontario does not require emmisions testing...that said a set off Cats.

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