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Dec 7, 2008
1 mile high
United States
$9,800.00 Lafayette, CO, northwest side of Denver near Boulder.

Call, text or email Nick, 720-357-9885

1993 FZJ80 Land Cruiser, lifted, 37 tires, 5.29 gears.

Originally bought new in San Diego, I purchased from the second owner in San Francisco in Oct. 2009 w/ aprox 165k miles. He had just installed the OME medium lift with 25mm spacers ( aprox. 3" lift) and new non winch ARB. I drove daily until I installed 37" Cooper STT's and 5.29 gears at 199k miles. Also rebuilt front and rear axles with all new bearings and seals at that time. Over $2k in parts alone.

Currently has 214k miles. I have only driven it a handful of times in recent years...Time to part ways.

-regeared to 5.29's at 199k with 37" STT's. All new bearings and seals.
-Diff fluids have been changed once since regear.
-T Case fluid changed a few thousand ago.
-Transmission fluid flushed right before regear, maybe 20k on fluid.
-Radiator and fan clutch replaced somewhere around 199k.
-Newer alternator.
-Newer pads and rotors on all 4 corners.
-Battery is brand new.
-New plugs, cap, rotor and wires last year.
-Brand new windshield.

It is 25 years old, it has your average signs of wear, but with that said, it's in pretty good condition for it's age.
Seats show typical discoloration and wear, still smooth and no tears or cracks. 3rd row seats included and in very good condition, not pictured. Small 1-2" tear in headliner. Window tint on right front door glass has some scratches. Has large rubber mats for front, middle and rear area.

Body, all original paint. A few small door dings and scuffs. Paint is a little dull, it could be polished to shine it up, I use to do it regularly but my tendonitis won't do it anymore. NO Peeling unlike a lot of cruisers.
I did replace the upper tailgate with a used one due to it having a large dent. The new one has developed a small rust spot at the right lower corner of the glass from the weatherstrip rubbing the paint, pretty common on cruisers. Otherwise, ZERO rust, Cali cruiser.
The rockers both have a good sized dent from the one time I wheeled it. A Jeep broke down on the preferred route so I had to do things the hard way at the expense of the rockers. They're repairable but I'd just slap on some sliders to cover them up and be done.

The Bad...
-Antenna stuck down.
-Driver's side door speakers work at random, think it's a loose wire at the radio, looking into it.

-ABS light is on because I have ABS unplugged. I believe there's a little too much grease around the front birfield's from axle rebuild. The grease is covering the ABS/speed sensors which causes the ABS to engage the last 1-2 mph when stopping, not a big deal but it was annoying so I unplugged. Driven several thousand miles since, it may or may not be better now.

-Has a whine at highway speed, pretty sure it's the front U joints. Rear was replaced a while back, comes with OEM new front shaft U joints.

- 37"s won't pass CO inspection so it also comes with some mediocre used tires that will allow it to pass inspection on the original wheels, 5 16" original wheels with 4 tires. Also has 5 17" Gray FJ Wheels with 4 37" tires.

2018-04-10 004 (640x480).jpg

2018-04-10 009 (640x480).jpg

2018-04-10 011 (640x480).jpg

2018-04-10 013 (640x480).jpg

2018-04-10 016 (640x480).jpg
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Dec 7, 2008
1 mile high
I've never heard of that limit. Do you have more information?

I don't have any info about it, I rolled into the emissions testing and they gave me a funny look, "what size are those tires?" he asked, he then said that "Colorado doesn't allow over 34"" and sent me on my way without testing. I assumed it was a DOT rule and not an issue with the dyno but I could be assuming it all do see a lot of big tires driving on the highways around comes with extra tires and wheels...

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