93 FJZ80 w/106K, Unlocked, Asking $13K

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93 FJZ80 w/107K, Unlocked, $11.3K - Updated Price

I hate to part with this LC, but the time has come. A new baby on the way and a new job, which more than doubles my current commute, dictate the sale.

I purchased this LC in 2004 W/93k. At the time, it was the only FJZ I could find in the Charlotte metro area with <100K that I could actually afford. I purchased this from the original owner's son-in-law.

Key points:
- Burgundy w/tan cloth
- 3rd row seats
- Truck runs great
- Driver's side rear rocker panel (on second door), the rubber gasket came undone. I've replaced with garage door gasket material. Looks close, but could be better.
- Interior is cloth and has no rips whatsoever. The only stain inside the vehicle is on the console next to the 4wd level where the PO's old cell phone stand left glue residue.
- Exterior - Paint looks good, LC must have been garaged by previous owner given shine (and has been garaged by myself). Does have a few scratches, and parking lot dings, but nothing out of the ordinary.
- Undercarriage - PO did have the truck undercoated (Ziebart????), which looks like a heavy version of the Rhino liners for truck beds. Some of the lining has come off, but at least 75% is still intact. Otherwise, there is some very minor surface rust in a handful of the normal spots.
- Tires - LC has 275/70/16 Michelin LTXs. Tread has about 20% remaining. I had planned to move up to 285s after the lift, but I just didn't want to get rid of tires that had as much useful life remaining.
- Fluids - Since about 103K, I've gone to synthetic in both diffs and T-case (Valvoline SynPower). Oil changes are at roughly every 3.5K with non-synthetic.
- Repairs - Almost all the work was done at my local Toyota dealership, so I have receipts for everything. Additionally, all parts were Toyota OEM. I also have the receipts for the lift and stereo.

Below is list of the repairs I've done since purchasing:
93.8K Front Axle Rebuild (Birfields)
Replaced Front U-Joints
Tune-up, Including Valve Adjustment

94.8K Replaced Front and Rear Brake Pads
Repacked and Surfaced Rotors
Flushed Power Steering and Brake Lines
Replaced All Oil Pump Seals

96.5K Replaced Rear Main Seal
Added New Husky Floor Mats for Front and Rear Seats

99.0K Added New Stereo - Professional Installed – Cost $1K+
New Kenwood Head – KDCMP4028 (Pre-wired for Sirius, but not inst)
New Alpine 50W x 4 Amp
New Eclipse 3.5” Dash Speakers
New Eclipse 4” Front Door Speakers
New Eclipse 5.25” Back Door Speakers
iPod Adaptor

99.8K Replaced Head Gasket ($1.4K at Toyota!!!)
Balanced and Repacked Both Drive Shafts

102.5K Replaced Radiator Hoses
Replaced Thermostat
Replaced Crank Case Seal
Replaced All Drive Belts

103.0K Added Old Man Emu 2.5” Medium Load Lift (OME) – Done at Tarheel 4wd Center in Charlotte, NC
Springs: 851 (Front) + 860 (Rear), Shocks: N70 + N71E, SD24 Steering Stabilizer, CA77B Caster Kit w/Bushing

103.8K Replaced Oil Pan Seal

Asking $13,000 - REDUCED TO $11.3K

Located in Charlotte, NC

My email is: kingad@adelphia.net

I have about 60 pics up on Snapfish. Just send me an email and I'll reply with the link to Snapfish.
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Couple of updates:

- I just put the truck on autotrader.com
- Use zip code 28078 to look it up
- There are 9 pictures online

- Took it in to Toyota today for an oil change and alignment
- Somehow, Toyota broke a tie rod while aligning the vehicle
- So, Toyota is putting on new tie rods
- Price will stay the same - Asking $13,000
Please note the updated price - $11.3K

Thought I had this sold at $11.3K, but......................

Below are a few pictures. I have a lot more available, so just drop me a line and I'll email a link to you.

I would consider a partial trade, but it would have to be a minimum $6.5K in cash and a good, clean 60/62 that could be a moderate daily driver.

Any questions, contact me at: kingad@adelphia.net


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