93 fj80 power steering pump gear.

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Sep 22, 2020
before anyone says read the 20yr old thread! I have done my best to scan thru 10 pages and 20yrs of info but still can not find a spec for wear the gear should be set. pound it, press it, put it where the old one was, just tighten it is all I see on the thread. what I was hoping to find is a factory a spec or procedure. original steering system is all gone new everything going back in. I have been told in the past I over think things and I admit its true. I really dont want to have to pull this pump back off because the gear is not set correctly that would suck. for what its worth the gear goes back on the new OEM pump to the same depth as the one I pulled off easy just by tightening the nut. But who knows if the mech before me set it correct? The gear looks perfect no strange wear or marks came off with a puller no problem and thanks to Wits end gear holding tool It was simple. all I am looking for is a spec not questions what was it doing before you pulled it. look at it as if you just got a box of parts and you need to assemble them to factory spec.
The gears positional range would be determined by the manufacturing tolerance of the bore in the gear and the position of the taper on the shaft. The torque on the nut would have a minimal effect past a certain point.

Generally, engines that use PTO driven accessories like this have a range of "if it fits in the hole it works".

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