93 80 Locked, 35's, sliders, $6000

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93 80 Locked, 35's, sliders, $5000 New Price

Up for sale is 93 80 series with factory lockers and CDL.

850J front 863J rear with 1 inch spacer in front to level it out

35" Bighorn MTs about 50% left with full size spare

Factory lockers both work with CDL switch

Truck has 220K on it but new engine with about 80K. Runs great had dual battery setup but it is not connected right now. Everything is there just couldnt get it wired up right so I disconnected it.

Holes are cut for a snorkel but no snorkel

Custom bumper that I built and will hold a warn M10000 or M12000 or something similiar to those.

Driver side has some body damage as the pictures will show but everything seals up and it doesnt leak in the seattle rain.

Good truck reliable hasnt let me down as a DD and wheeler in the last year and a half. Havent done as much wheeling as I have hoped so I am going to a little easier DD.

Price is $5,000 OBO or trade for a tacoma or diesel truck.
I am located in the Seattle/Everett area.
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Nobody interested in a well built 80 series? Just drove it on a 3 hour trip got around 16-17 MPG.

just put in brand new pioneer speakers in the front so the stereo sounds great now.
That's a pretty good looking wheeler, I'm sure someone will realize its capability and potential. Good luck with the sale.
Thanks it is a great truck would make anybody happy.

Axle rebuild about 10K miles birfs are good no clicking when turning

Third row seats are there there are no tears or cracks in the interior. Interior is in great shape everything works sunroof opens, tilts, and seals up.

I can take pictures of anything specific if requested.
if only you were closer.....
Factory lockers both work with CDL switch

Sorry just a bit confused... So it's triple locked from the factory correct? And they all work as they should? With the right switches and stuff?

Also, Would I be able to change that steering wheel? lol i'm not to big a fan of it and if I could get something that looked a little newer, I might consider this.
It comes from the factory with two electric lockers in the axles. Since it is an AWD vehicle the power shifts between front and back but the CDL locks it so it is 60/40 all the time and there is no transfer. The steering wheel is actually clean in doesnt look that good in the pic but it is all the stock color with no fading or cracking.

Went wheeling the other day so there are a few more dents in the rear quarter panels.
Here are some pics of the body damage that just happened on the trail. It is all on the same driver side so the passenger side is perfect.
not a bad price.
good luck on the sale.
I just got a cheap commuter car so not in a hurry to sell it. I am actually going to start building it up more.

back to 37's a lot more body protection and some other goodies
Looks like the body pro is a good idea!:doh:
I have been looking for an 80 like this but you are too far away. I would have to see it in person and have it inspected but being that I am in South Carolina it may difficult.
That is a long ways away it would be a fun road trip back though.

Looking for 37's so it will be back on 37's here shortly FYI.

This is the last chance to buy it as is. In a couple of weeks I am going to start cutting it up.

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