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Jan 3, 2020
Portland, Oregon
United States
1992 Toyota Pickup 4x4, extremely well maintained, 99% one owner.

You just don’t see many of this vintage in this condition and mileage.

When I bought it last year, it had aftermarket chrome wheels. I replaced them with original SR5 rims and top rated A/T General Grabbers.

Being a single cab has it’s advantages off road in that the truck is short and maneuverable.

No power windows or locks to malfunction. This is a basic truck built to be trouble free.

One owner until I bought it last year. Nearly complete service history with receipts. Every service and repair was done in a timely manner. Highlights listed below.

Only 103,800 miles, no accidents.

Bluetooth stereo, sliding rear window, 4runner bucket seats and original bench seat (stored and shown in last few photos) in excellent condition. Bed mat, floor mats, towing package, only surface rust on hitch and leaf springs. Colorado and Washington truck so no salt/rust on body. Appears to have always been garaged.

Extra leaf springs and upgraded shocks in rear for extra payload, camper, towing etc.

Here are some highlights of service and repairs with receipts:

8/19: Oil change @102,600

4/19: General Grabber ATX tires @100,400 mi

4/19: Starter replaced, brake and clutch fluid flush and replace @100,300 mi

6/18: new clutch, rebuilt transmission, diffs and transfer case serviced, power steering fluid exchanged @98,200 mi

10/17: Fuel injection service, brake fluids, cam shaft and plugs replaced @97,000 mi

10/16: Battery replaced, fluids: power steering, brakes, transfer case, trans, diffs. @94.900 mi

11/15: Valve cover gaskets, reseal rear cam plugs @92,800 mi

3/15: windshield

10/11: alignment @80,000 mi

4/11: Trans fluid @79,000 mi

2/11: oxygen sensor(pre-cat) @78,600 mi

2/11: front left axle @78,400 mi

7/09: Battery @73,900 mi

11/06: Tune (plugs), power steering fluid, power steering pump, ignition wires, alternator belt, power steering belt, water pump, TIMING BELT, distributor cap @67,000 mi

5/03: 60k service tune up, plugs, wires etc. @57,300 mi

9/00: 4x4 performance: add a leaf, Rancho RS5000 shocks, U bolt kit. @45,200 mi

8/00: Battery @44,700 mi

2/00: Radiator @40,000 mi

6/99: water pump, TIMING BELT, HEAD GASKETS, clutch hose at dealer. @39,300 mi

11/93: minor tune up @7600 mi

Notes: No service record receipts for 7600-39,300 miles, but you may be able to look them up through the Toyota dealer database using the VIN. Timing belt has been changed twice, at 39k and 67k miles. Non-interference engine.

The only reason I am selling is that I found an ATC Bobcat camper that would be better suited for a Tundra or T100.

Most have been beat on or modified. Not this one. It’s a clean original example in a compact, no frills package.

Feel free to email or call/text at 503-258-7805

More photos available and in the CL ad:





Jan 3, 2020
Portland, Oregon
Thanks Yotadude!

It has had the recalls taken care of, and the maintenance has been meticulous. Nice paper trail too. Averaging 16.7 mpg over past 3100 miles, mixed city and hwy with the 31" AT tires. My best tank was 21.5 mpg on hwy in the mountains of Central Oregon, loaded down with camping gear. Not 22RE mpg but decent. I'd drive it anywhere without a worry.

You have an impressive collection of trucks!






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