92 landcruiser in the junkyard differential removal

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Aug 4, 2013
Monroe, CT
I just found out that they have just gotten in a landcruiser in our local pull it junkyard. I have a laundry list of items that I want to salvage. I could use rear and front lockers. If I find out the it is locked how do I remove them? I have no idea what this thing is going to look like but hopefully if will have the following : passenger mirror. Passenger window motor, a good center dash, sun visors, ash trays (po lost a few). I am a decent mechanic, not great, who has only recently acquired my 94. Is there anything else I should be taking?
If it is a true 92 then it won't be locked. They weren't offered in the US until 93 or 94.

If they listed it wrong and it does have them it will be a little bit of a process to get them out correctly. You will need to pull the axle shafts, unbolt the driveshafts, pull the chunks and then get all the associated wiring, harnesses, relays and switch to do a clean swap.
Good to know. Can you think of anything else I should grab? Without seeing yet a am not sure if it crashed.
I read that the front fenders have been discontinued, but you may want to confirm that if you don't need them. If it's true they could be in high demand in the future. If it has a good power antenna those are notorious for failure. If the parts are under warranty the cruise speed sensor lasted on the t case is easy to get to, remove and a hot ticket item. I would look for specialty parts like optima battery, winch, bumpers, supercharger etc. Not likely that they'll be there but if they are you'll get them at a fraction of the cost must likely.
If you're going to get lockers I would just pull the whole axle assembly

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91 and 92 had the 3fe engine, so unlikely to have a supercharger. Brakes are smaller so they run 15" wheels. Rear axle is a semi float, not a full floater like 93-97. John
Grab the CDL switch out of the dash if it's a 92.

It's worth a few bucks here to '93 and '94 owners.
Pull the center diff lock actuator. It's somethin hard to find if you need one in the future.
I would grab the battery tray since it should be on the opposite side as your current one. Allows for easy 2nd battery installation or can be used as a storage location if you don't need a 2nd battery. Heck, let me know how much it would be to ship if you don't want it! :)
I looked at it today. It is listed as entering the junkyard on their website but is not open to picking yet. The center dash with a few of the switches ( CDL) was laying there and the manager let me buy it since if was loose it cost me $20. My center dash piece is cracked and now I have an extra few buttons :) It does have front damage but I will look at the fenders on Tuesday. I wasn't able to look under the hood yet. Thanks for the suggestions and if anyone thinks of anything else let me know.

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