92 FJ80 oil filter

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Apr 30, 2003
I am hearing alot about the toyota oil filters and i think i am going to start using them is my 3fe. But i need the full part number, can you guys help? also what's the best oil to run at 89,000mi
Oil filters:

-Old BIG style, what I use: 15600-41010  ~$10/ea
-New small style, good filter: 90915-20004 ~$8/ea
-Crap filter the dealer will push on you: 90915-YZZB5, cheaper

Mobil-1 0W-40 synthetic oil seems to be the consensus best oil for the 3F-E on this list.

The 90915-YZZB5 is not a "crap filter". It is as good as any aftermarket filter out there, It's just not AS GOOD as the other 2 choices. Dealers do not "push" that filter on any body, it's quite the opposite. Toyota came out with that filter line because of all of the whining from the vast majority of customers complaining about the cost of the premium Japanese filters. So, be careful what you ask for, you may get it. Look on the bright side, at least they did not discontinue importing the GOOD ones.

Off the box, Dan
My dealer pushes the YZZB5 ::) , especially when he doesn't have the 20004 in stock :p

Toyota compounds that problem by forcing the dealers to buy certain items in "packs". In order for your dealer to get one 90915-20004 filter, he must buy a box of 10. As the VAST MAJORITY of customers price shop, that one box could be up to a 2 years supply especialy if it is a small dealer. Not much bugs a parts manager more than over-age or over-stock parts. In addition to that he gets ground on because he has "dead stock".
If those filters could be purchased by dealers in ones or twos, more of them would probably stock them.
Does the "pack" include the TRD oil filter? I was going to get a 10 pack but $130ish is a lot of $$$ :eek:

Forgot to add the TRD filter to the list of filters for 92 fj80 ;)
[quote author=cruiserdan link=board=2;threadid=3816;start=0#msg28021 date=1058714735]
Dealers do not "push" that filter on any body, it's quite the opposite.

Sorry, Dan, I sure didn't mean to step on any toes. I have been told it was crap by several different friends and passed it on.

You are clearly a jewel among Toyota parts guys, which like any other population is variable in quality, from terrible to wonderful - my dealer and several others I have heard of do in fact push the cheaper filter. I had to strongly insist that I wanted the big filter - I thought maybe it was because they would have to order a pack, like you said, but after several minutes of condescending arguing the guy goes back and gets me two big filters from his stock! I don't shop there anymore unless I have to...
Do the filter numbers above also apply to post 92 models? specifically the 1995?

Great advice here guys...

I have been in the car business for a quarter century. As a result of that experience, I have a thick hide and I wear steel toed boots. I certainly did not take offence to your statements. I'm sorry that you have had some bad experiences with your local dealer. As you observed, it takes all types of people to make the world go 'round. On the other hand, I think it only fair to say that I'm glad that dealers like that are out there because, quite frankly, it makes me look a whole helluva lot better ::) . If you are tired of getting jacked around by your local guy I am just a PM or phone call away. That way you can get jacked around in a VERY professional manner :D . In fact, you may not even realize it happened. 8) .

The TRD filters can be had one-at-a-time. I have one and I cut it apart. I am not impressed by what I saw, but, if you have your heart set on one I'd be delighted to supply it.


All of the filters mentioned apply to the 1FZFE as well as the 3FE and the 2F and the F.
[quote author=cruiserdan link=board=2;threadid=3816;start=0#msg28087 date=1058748624]
All of the filters mentioned apply to the 1FZFE as well as the 3FE and the 2F and the F.

Wow. They are all designed for the same filter. That gets me thinking. How similar are the different variations of the F-series motor. Is the 1FZ truely a direct decendant of the F?
Yea - and what about the 3B diesel engine, same?

I've noticed that sometimes dealers want to give me (sell me) the small one and other times the larger one. I have always looked for the larger one.

I wonder if the size would make a difference in oil pressure in a hot engine at idle?
The 20004 is also the filter for the V8 in the 100 series landcruiser, and Lexus V8 I do believe!
Dan, my TRD filter is the only filter I will ever buy, I mean the only TRD filter I will ever buy. It sits in the case with the (cheap) YZZB5's. I don't know if I should use it or use it as a TRD paper weight :D
The only Oil Filter I can get for the 1FZ-FE is the Z418(Wich is much smaller than the Z9 for my B)

With the B you can get 2 different Filters, which are same size, But the Z161A filters down to a much smaller Microns(Millionths of a Meter) than the Z9. The Z9 is usually about $3.50, But the Z161A is about $12.00. :eek:

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