92 FJ 80 Transmission Issue

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May 30, 2012
I am new to this site, but have owned 4 LandCruisers in my life. I recently purchased a 92 FJ 80 with 140k on it. Have loved it for the scout trips with my sons troop. The most recent trip was a bit further than normal, and on the way home I noticed the transmission slip on takeoff about 75 miles from home. I came straight home and tried to be gentle to her all the remaining miles. Changed the fluid the next day and put in a bottle of Lucas no slip. Now I get great first and second gear engagement, but when I should be going into 3rd I get high revs and no power. Wanting to know if this is a common issue or just bad luck on my part. I am south of Houston, TX and would love some help or if anyone knows of a used trannny I could buy, that would be great. Thanks


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