92 80 Oil Cooler hose ???'s

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Sep 19, 2003
Hey guys:
I was changing the oil in my 92 FJ 80 (203k mi) this weekend and I noticed something very scary. While cleanig off the oil spill from the oil filter that leaked on the oil cooler, I noticed that the hose (coolant) going into the oil cooler was detriorated (sp?) to the point it would flake off on the end. :eek: It was a real mushy, a soft rubbery flakey feel that was only at the cooler end. The body of the hose seemed fine. Nevertheless, I am going to order all new hoses and Toyota red this week and get squared away. Blamed it on the miles and the DUMB ARSE PO that ran the green crap. :mad:

Anyways, I remeber reading a thread some time ago about replacing the PPH (or PHH). What is this? And does anyone know where the thread is? I did a search and came up with nothing.

Another question, I keep smelling a burnt oil smell in the cab and located it to the top side of the manifold beside the valve cover. I degreased and washed it off a week ago. Now the oil is beginning to slowly come back. Is this a leaky valve cover gasket? Sorry, no pics, YET!
Any advice/help is greatly appreciated. THANKS
Don't confuse the 3FE with the 1fzfe regarding the heater hose.

You probably have the oil galley plug leaking. Short of the EFI relay, it is the most famous problem area with the fj80. Get it taken care of pronto.

Nothing wrong with green coolant.
Well, the good news....those of us with the 3fes don't per se have a pesky heater hose. That being said, there is a bypass hose on the front, buried behind the water pump, that is often overlooked and can leak (ask me how I know.. ::) ). You might want to check that one out.

Sounds like you have a leaking valve cover gasket. FWIW if you are due for a valve adjust, the dealer can replace the gasket at the same time. My local dealer will do the deed for $118 with parts and labor, while some dealerships in Phoenix only charge around $95 for this service. That's well within my limit of good money spent for a job that would take me an afternoon to do, so I have the dealer do it, while doing almost all my other maintenance myself.

If you are a do it your selfer I have the specs somewhere for the valve clearances on the 3fe. last tiem I did it took about 2.5 hrs 2.0 of wich was messing with the intake assembly to clear the valve cover pretty much a two banana job and worth knowing how to do if you are so inclined.
Thanks for all of the replies.
Phaedrus: I know a very trust worthy local independent Toyota certified mechanic. He has done some work for me in the past and he is a A+ professional. So, I'll just let him adjust the valves and replace the gasket. The thought of fooling with all of those intake parts makes me cringe. :-X Although I enjoy doing maintence work myself, my time is a liitle streched right now. I agree with Hltoppr, this guy can do it in no time (& I trust him), and it would probably take me a full afternoon.

Also, I see you have a 1992 80 as well. I have the 2.5" OME lift, but have yet to upgrade the 31" tires. I want to run 33's but am leary of the 3F-E performance with stock drive components. How does your run?? (do you have stock gears) Are you running the sock 15" rims?? Any pictures??
Once again, thanks for the help.
Presonally If and this is a really big IF!!! I found a mechanic who knew toyotas that I trusted I would probably use them as well but I am pretty anal. as far as performance with the 33" tires as long as you are not runnig a really open void tires you are going to be fine. I had some 33x12.5 x terrains and it rode like hell and I hated them. I now have 33x12.5 bfg atkos and I love them. as far as performance wise on highway I can run at 75+ mph if I push it but it really likes to cruise about 65. Yes I still have the original gear sets. here is the photos of my rig.
That is a really sweet looking ride you've got there. I can't wait to get some 33's. Pretty sure I'll go with the BFG ATKO as well. I'm curious if they make a 33x11.50x15?? I can't tell by the picture, Are you running the original 15" wheels? (if not, what are they) Once again, great looking ride, mine will have to wait a little longer to be "beefed up" --> 33's, arb, sliders, winch...
No not the stock wheels on it picked up osme el cheapo 15x8 flat black steelies from discount tires I beleive the back space is 3.75 but dont wuote me on that. the 15x7 rims will not like the 33x12.5 and I am not sure if they make a 11.5. I had a set of 32x10.5 bfgs that I ran for about 2 months and was ok with them on the 15x7 rims they ballooned a bit but were ok. and thanks I love my pig but it still needs me to have the time to fabricate my sliders and my rear bumper and a spare 1k to put the winch in the bumper.
There is(are) 10.50 x 33 BFG AT KO's available. I don't have them YET, but they are on the list.
How much drain/strain have you noticed running 33's w/ stock gears? Been worried about that and the amount of slop mine has. That's why I haven't gone to 33's yet.
There is a bit of slop there but not too bad. I am still holding out for a roll over with e lockers I can pick up at a salvage auction. That way I can just swap the axles and the electronics from one and have a 1fze block in the wings if and this is a big if my 3fe ever decides to go. do not be afraid of the 33"s it is not that bad unless you want to tow more than 1000 lbs. in wich case it sucks (ask me about moivng from ut to wa and hauling 2500 lbs of uhaul and stuff with a hell of a head wind the entire trip!!!) just gotta keep my salvage guys happy with me and they let me know once in a while when one comes in.
Cool, thanks Dave.

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