91cruiser sometimes wont start when warmed up

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Feb 26, 2015
My 91 fj80 is giving me this prob sometimes when I've got it to operating temp. I'll cut it off for a bit. Try to restart and it'll turn over fine but won't start. Tries to kick off but won't. Changed mass air flow meter, plugs,wires,cap and rotor. Evap canister was changed too. Today I was able to try some starting fluid when it did this and it started right up and ran fine....? Anyone have the fix or help it'll be appreciated greatly! Thanks
I had the same problem with my 92. It was the igniter on mine. I swapped it out with a used igniter from a junkyard 5+ years ago. No problems since. The igniter is a 3 minute replacement.
Thanks a million! Never thought that. Going to do it today and coollent temp sensor. Also going to clean my cold injector.
Update! I have solved it!!! Was my fuel pressure regulator. Tried the other suggestions and no fix. I found a thread on here talking about the same problem. Found one on E-bay for $40 instead of all the auto part stores price ranges of $107 - $244. Turns out it had also damaged the check valve on my fuel pump. Now I've change that and things seem better..
Thanks all for the input and the other threads!!! :cheers:
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