For Sale '91 Rolling chassis w/SBC v8 sm465 high steer 38's 5.29

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United States
Yes, I have an amazing piece of redneck cruiser art......

Even has some custom coilover towers...... with King coilovers.

The body is still around, just every single panel is dented and the inside is trashed, with oil spills and all.

It has triple sticks, but we can't seem to identify the second transfer case/reduction box.

Right now, the body is removed from the chassis, but is included in the sale if wanted.

Has nice tube bumpers and sliders, non functioning winch.

Was running when we began project

The front diff is a locker with a manual operation cable

I have a 4L60e mated to a '91 transfer case is you want that too....$1200 extra

asking $2,000





What kind of body ,Does the whole drive train work,axles, boxes,was a rig ya got now for sale. Got a 91 Fj80 setting on Volvo 303 Portal Axles ,Like to swap in stock axles, And portals under something,with a stick, got a 77 HighBoy wanted to put the 303 under Her,Not wide to fit with out end adapters to be wider guy in Canada makes them, Transfer case off to right side maybe a 18, But you got what I need axles under mine,mine under yours Put my Ford cab on yours and go
Ya, I bought this rig, thinking I'd put on a different body. Then after starting and getting the body off, I decided not to move forward, as I wanted a automatic LC that was more road worthy.
Do you still have this thing? I remember seeing it on CL for what seemed like months and am bummed I didn't snag it.
I don't, but Mike's Custom Toys in GP may know where to find it :worms:

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