91 Landcruiser FJ80 Chopped Cab w/ OM617 Turbo Diesel and H55F 5 Speed Manual (1 Viewer)

Oct 26, 2018
Arizona, USA
Been slowly going along with my build and buying tools/ parts as i go. Put together this list of stuff that i will be planning to do. Figured id compile a list to help me foucs a bit and keep track of all the info i gather. Im always open and looking for suggestions to save money, build it better or make it easier. Lemme know what you think. Any input appreciated! Thanks

Landcruiser FJ80 Chopped Cab with OM617 Swap to H55F trans and Split T-Case.

1. Roll Cage/ Tube Bender/ Notcher and more

Bender and Notcher Model 32 Tube Bender Manual $1500
Chopsaw: https://www.tylertool.com/fein-72905361120-slugger-14-in.-metal-cutting-chop-saw $500
Tubing and metal From Endura Steel(Local)

Helpful Info: Roll Cage Overview

2. OM617 Install/ Motor Mounts/ Intercooler/ Built Pump

Built Pump: Dieselmekken/Benzforce BenzForce | Mercedes Performance $1000
Motor Mounts: TBD
Intercooler: TBD
Radiator: TBD
Turbo: Holset HX30. I paid $225 Shipped for a used one.
OM617 engine: Aqquired from a 1983 300D. Purchaed a Complete running Car for $500. Put about 1000 miles and did some maintaince on the engine before removal.

I am hoping for about 225hp which will be plenty for a single cab light weight build.

3. OM617 to H55F Adaptor

4x4 Labs $725

4 Split T-Case and H55F Trans from Cruiser Outfitters and all neccesary linkage

Cruiser Outfitters $6000 ish
Optional Split case gear reduction $2000

5. 37 Inch Tires and beadlocks


Rock Monster D.O.T. Beadlock Wheels

Tires: Red label BFG or other brands also known as Stickys

Running 35s on regular wheels till after i drive it with the swap.

6. Steering Gear Box

$750 or $500 with return of a core.

Second pick would be west texas for about same price.

Used boxes found on Car-part.com or IH8Mud.com

7. Steering wheel and Adapter

NRG Hub and Adapter w/ quick release

Source a used racing steering wheel.

8. Lights and roof rack

4-6 roof lights Depending on fitment. 2 Front bumper lights. 2 headlights. 2 Rear Lights and Rear Led Strip Brake Lights

Source used if possible.

9. Suspension

run whats on it for now. OME Shocks w/ unknown Coil Springs and unknown conditions.

10. drive shafts

TBD. May need modification.

11. Seats and Harness?

PRP custom designed seats

$800 Each Lol! Might go a different route but they look awesome and have heaters and storage which i will be lacking.

12. Front axle rebuild. check and change rear fluids. new brakes.

Front axle: Cruiser Outfitters
rear Axle mostly left alone till driven.
Replace front and rear brake pad/drum inspect it.

13. Hydraulic steering setup
after running and driving.

Looking at about $18,000 all said and finished. I will source used parts but mostly want to run new or rebuilt parts where acceptable.
Oct 10, 2018
Curious as to what made you settle on the OM617? As opposed to other options like the OM606?
Oct 26, 2018
Arizona, USA
Curious as to what made you settle on the OM617? As opposed to other options like the OM606?
majority of the reason is i sell and make custom parts and tools for the om617. I have lots of spare parts and connections in getting spare parts or info. I also like the simplicity and reliability of it. I also like that it hasnt really been done. Its not the most powerful but if i can get anything above 200hp i think itll be really fun to drive and due to the fact of it being so light i think the hp will be plenty especially if i have the right gearing.

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