91’ Front diff pinion seal - on vehicle replacement?

Dec 9, 2019
Frisco Co
I’ve searched this topic extensively and I think I got it, but would appreciate anyone who has done this before chiming in and letting me know if I have it right.
I got a rebuilt diff from cruiser outfitters 2 years ago, and put it in but didn’t open the clogged breather. Many ups and downs over 11k’ passes and it is leaking from the pinion seal.
I saw in another thread that there are two types of diff spacers, crush sleeves for the newer diffs and bearing spacer tubes for the older ones like mine. FSM says to replace the bearing spacer, but to do so you have to pull a bearing and a race.
My question relates to the proper way to Retorque the pinion nut for a diff with a reused bearing spacer.
It seems to me that it should be retorqued to spec torque as the bearing spacer tube is not a crush sleeve. Is this correct?

Or should I measure the torque required to loosen it and match that?
Any experiences are welcomed. TIA
Jul 11, 2015
Las Vegas
If it is just a spacer just torque it to spec. If there is play, or to much preload then you would have to re-shim the spacer.
I don’t know about crush sleeves.
Dec 10, 2007
Here's some discussion from years ago, but mostly referring to the stock differential with the original crush sleeve, FWIW.


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