Wanted '91 fj80 spare wheel tail light cover wanna trade

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Hmmm! PM me. I have a spare 91 wheel. I think I have the washer fluid container too. I'd be interested in a trade for the roof rack mounts.
I need :

a spare wheel I dont care what it looks like just need it for a spare and needs to be cheap prefer to pick up local - Phoenix area others I will pay to ship.

also need passenger side taillight cover

underhood ralay box

washer fluid container

cash or trade

I have to trade :

a oddball 33x9.50-15 BFG all terrain tire mounted on a chevy 5 lug wheel, good shape just kept it as a spare for several years but it has been used

2 olive green scepter fuel cans with 1 metal spout

modified Con fer roof rack

4 universal Con-fer mounting brackets
What does your Con fer roof and the mounts look like?
I have five 92LC 15" rims.
I thought of building a custom roof rack but have no idea of where to start. I'd probably rather buy or trade for a nice/decent one.
I just traded the mounts for a wheel to a guy in Idaho.I do still have the rack.I had taken to a welder to add in 12 inch pieces I had that were origanaly made to make the rack wider but I wanted it longer, anyway I think he sucked at welding and the rack is crooked about a 1/2 inch. The rack also has a hi lift jack mount, reenforced area for a tire carrier and 2 light tabs.
If you want it and you are local (welded together, dont think I can ship it ??)
let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. I need a cover made for my offroad trailer I'm building do you do that type of thing?
still need a pass. side tailight lens.
Need my A/C charged (repaired ??, I think it has a leak) I have the R12 but no gauges
any other ideas let me know
PM me and I will give you my phone #
heres a picture of the rack.

Can that be sandblasted and repainted? I think shipping that on a pallet shouldn't be too bad right? What are you trying to get for that rack? Man, I would need some mounts also......??
Are you interested in a set of aftermarket 15x8 rims? I still do have five stock 15's as well.
How easy is that to install?
My cruiser has 16 inch rims but I know some one that could use your wheels. depends on how much to ship, What do they fit? What state are you in, I can check into shipping the rack, The rack is mainly just dirty the paint isnt too bad but it could be blasted and painted no problem, As for mounts I used a Thule load bar and towers that attached to the factory roof bars, they do make other mounts that mount to the gutter.
I was trying to get around a $100 so I could buy a double fuel can holder from Equipt

Do you have pictures of the rack on your cruiser?
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