Wanted 91 fj80 parts needed

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Oct 26, 2010
United States

I'm in need of a couple of things for my 91 fj80 (3FE engine) and i hope someone can help me out. I am in need of the idler that is on the crank - power steering - air pump - alternator belt (with all bolts, nuts, washers etc.). Also need the plastic cover on the seat hinge, where the back and bottom come together, its where you can adjust the back of the seat. I don't know how to expain it so I have added some pictures. I need the driver side in gray ( if you have both I'll take both but I just need the DS for now)
let me know what you have and the price to get it to me.
I'm in utah, 84094
That idler is very specific to that year. I thought they were the same throughout the 3FE run and found there to be at least 3 varieties. On the handle I use the rubber lever covers for the rear seats. They slide on with a plastic hammer and they are much more durable than the plastic ones.

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