91 FJ80 For Sale w/ Slee front and rear bumpers

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United States
91 FJ80, white, 218k miles. This vehicle has a slee shortbus front bumper and a slee rear bumper w/ tire carrier that was put on about a year ago. Needs shocks and springs, perfect for someone looking to do a lift. Asking $4,000. The slee bumpers alone were $3,000 or so. Runs good, has a slight oil drip but normal for its age. New radiator, battery, cold AC (important in Georgia), most of exhaust is new, including cats and header. Small fender bender led to upgrading the rear bumper, went ahead and did the front bumper as well. Only slight cosmetic damage to the rear ds. most is hidden by the tire carrier. See pics.
Swap ya :hillbilly:

Seriously, Are you interested in a relatively rare 1991 Dodge W350, Reg. cab pickup. SRW. 4x4. lockers. 5.9 Cummins diesel with Banks SS exhust system from the turbo on back.

Let me know.

I am in Evans GA..........howdy neighbor !!!!!!
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Yes, no, maybe. ??????????????????????

Sorry I didn't check this until tonight. I'm not really interested in a trade. We just got a new vehicle and don't need the cruiser anymore. Make an offer. I'm somewhat flexible on the price. Let me know if you want to look it over.
OK, I understand.
We are going up to Greenville, SC Sat. AM
I will try to contact you about the 80 SAT PM or SUN if that is OK
PM me w/ your phone # or email at sjzthree9two4@yahoo
#'s written out just for the scammers !!!!

You might want to part the bumpers out separately if you don't have any luck selling it. I'm sure there would be plenty of interest.
I have considered parting out the bumpers. I want to see if I can sell the whole thing first. I put them on myself and i'm thinking they would be a pain to get off.
Interior Pics

Sorry for the delay. Working this weekend. Here are some interior pics.
few more pics

Jump seat pics. I upgraded the speakers from stock after I bought it. Head untit is a pioneer cd, eq, cassette w/ detachable face.
Wow !

This is the deal of the month on MUD. Hello

I just had a good look at this 80 today. I can't believe it has been about 3-4 miles from me for about 4 years, and I have not seen it on the road.:confused:
Jeeze!!! I would be all over this one, but I just bought a 1998 Silverado K3500 tow vehicle and a Honda powered F&R steer rock crawler on WED.

Now I really need a car hauler trailer to pull the crawler and our ATV's.

I have been looking for an 80 for a long time and one pops up right under my nose.....right after I just spent a big wad of cash........SDF.

The FJ80, it is VERY clean overall. Minimal surface rust. No factory roof rack !! The pictures do not do it justice.

He forgot to mention that it also has a SLEE PANHARD ROD in the back. Beefy and adjustable for when the next owner puts an OME lift on it. !! The Slee bumpers look great on it too.

$4000 OBO. !!!!!!!! Somebody call/PM him and make an offer.

The Tires are almost new too. 31X15's I think

Too bad he would not trade for my trusty old Dodge W350.
It would have been mine tonight . My loss.

Bump for a killer deal on a FJ80. !!!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday Bump
Good buy. I was really interested, but had to jump on a great buy on a '96 4Runner instead. I have mentioned this to a few people though. Interior looks really good for a '91.
I'm interested! VERY interested.
Only issue. I have no money, but will soon enough.
If you'd be interested in partial payment or lay-away or Mountain bikes or whatever then PM me.
ugh, I just saw it has rust on the liftgate in the typical place. Where has this beast lived? Not in GA all it's life huh? How's the rust everywhere else? I've helped a friend build a 80 that was rusty underneath, doable, but a pain none-the-less.
Still for sale ?????

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