'91 - '94 Grille P/N woes

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Mar 28, 2003
When I bought my 80 this past January, one of the minor changes I wanted to make to it was get a new grille -- the old one was cracked, etc. --

-- seemingly simple, but not really. The old P/N is 53111-60070. When a dealer enters that in to their system, it is automatically superceded with P/N 53111-60100 --

-- the problem with the new grille (the "Toyota" stamped grille) is that it has 3 drill holes on the "a" side of "Toyota", for a "diesel" emblem --

-- so, the US grille is no longer available, nor are the "diesel" emblems in the US -- what a mess -- not that a grille with 3 holes is the biggest worry in my life, but it's an annoyance --

-- any ideas from anyone on how to get the old grille?

eric :nono:
The PNC is valid, the old number is gone :tear:. The new number is a diesel application. The holes are for a "TURBO" or a "DIESEL" emblem. So, bottom line is tough s***ski. All of the old numer grilles have been purged from depot inventories. There is a chance that one or more of the thousand-odd dealers around the country may still have one of the old number. Do you have a decent long distance service? :dunno:

Eric -

    As of 15 June 03, there were still two Toyo dealers that had the 53111-60070 grille - no guarantees of course - but you might give a call to...

  Marina Del Rey Toyota (CA) 310.827.0595   OR
  Toyota Carlsbad (CA) 760.438.0923

I called Marina Del Rey Toyo just now (11:20 am) and they told me that they had the grille. So go for it !


  R -
Hi Ron --

Thanks TONS for this -- I spoke with the two dealers -- the first one doesn't ship, and the second one does -- I'm on vacation in Calif. now, but both are at least 8 hours by car -- so we're gonna hope on the Carlsbad dealer --

-- BTW, the dealer I was working through in Mich. called me back to say Toyota corporate was using the superceded P/N till they sold out of that style grille, then they'll go back to making the grille that's actually for the US market -- with no drill-holes -- how's that for customer service? &nbsp:Dump your old junk on the customer and don't offer them what they really want -- :puke:

BTW, the friend I'm staying with has a brand new Lexus GX-470 -- what a waste of $50K (to me) -- a rebadged 4-runner that's way too narrow and with a navigation system that's better left off --

You could just buy the grill with the extra holes and invest in a Safari turbo at the same time.

Then you could get a turbo emblem and you would definately have a unique truck.

I'm only about 45 min from Carlsbad if you need help. MDR is a little further.

You must be in NoCal to be 8 hrs away. Enjoy visiting CA, then go home! Too many people out here. :D
Same here, Toyota of Carlsbad, is definetly in the vecinity.
If I can be of any assistance, let me know.
Eduardo :beer:
Curious why you don't want a used grille? Should be able to get one for a song.
I'm actually going today to a "recycling" yard (as they call them in calif.) to get a used grille --

-- it's $50 compared to the $160 new Toy. one -- you're right, it isn't worth a new one --

-- thanks all for your help and offers --


Where is in the vicinity? In other words, which one of the hundreds of LC's in SoCal is yours? I'm in South Orange County.

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