For Sale 90-97 FJ/FZJ80 & LX450 Knuckle and Rear Axle Rebuild Kits

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Aug 31, 2009
Norris, TN
Purchased from Cruiser Outfitters a complete Knuckle Rebuild Kit w/Timken bearings and a Rear Axle w/locker Rebuild Kit w/Timken bearings. Marlin inner axle seals, a disc axle spindle nut kit and some extra front axle snap rings included. Complete order was $402.00 Will sell for $200.00 plus shipping. UPS shipping weight ~15 lbs from TN.

Can accept Paypal.

Thanks for looking.
I, only need the knuckle kit as well, but if you don't want to separate, i'll take both:grinpimp:. PM sent
To Drchew

I tried to send a PM, but it said your mailbox is full. If you would email me your zipcode to I will let you know what the shipping would be to your house.

That email is also my paypal one.

Once we determine shipping, if you can get it to the paypal account, I think I can get to UPS and ship today.



PS - For 96beast, I unfortunately had to sell my LC before I needed the kits.
I'm interested in the rear axle kit. Let me know if you are separating.

Or if the buyer bought all and only needed the front... shoot me PM.

To New80Owner

If I do not hear back from Drchew, I will sell both as listed to you.


To UWDave

Waiting to hear on the messages I have posted.

Want to sell both together, already boxed and less hassle.

Thanks for the inquiry.
Rebuild kits

Sent PM to profro. Have emailed all previous inquiries. Thanks
Parts are Sold

Thanks to all to replied.

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