90 & 85 Pu Fs $500+84 Fj60 $250+74 Fj55 For Sale

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United States
1990 4cyl., light rollover, rusty, runs/drives, complete and have title.....$500
1985 4cyl., Straight axles, rusty, bad head gasket, runs/drives, complete and have title.....$500
1986 FJ60 rolling chassis, full drive train/no engine, some interior left, NO title......$250
1974 FJ55 complete, one owner, runs/drives, needs restoration.......$1800

Located in Ithaca, NY 14850 I can deliver for a price
Please contact directly ONLY at 16ltoy@msn.com or 607-274-7569
I know this is the typical response but can we start with some pictures? I and a few friends may have interest. Please respond to et3surge@msn.com

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