90,000 mile service.... Dealership on crack...

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Feb 10, 2005
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Got quoted $1875 for a 90K service at the Dealership in Westport, CT. Granted that Westport, CT is affluent, but that is insane.....

I guess some people just dont have the time to research it, because if they drive 30 minutes down the road it would cost them $1100 at Milford Toyota
Perhaps one dealership's 90k service is more comprehensive than the other?
I had it done for just under $700 at a local independent shop 3 years ago, so $1100 at a dealer is decent. I bought OEM parts online, then had the shop do the labor (Toyota/Lexus Master Tech did the work)


$1875 is nucking futz.



Maybe the $1800 price included a 90k wheel bearing repack?

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I just had mine done. The labor was 9 hours with water pump and crank seals etc... I brought them my own OEM parts. I got a deal on them, I was under $800 total. New water pump, timing belt, tensioners, crank seal, cam seals, and they had to put a new tensioner on the serpentine belt too. I got a phenomenal deal.
i got my parts from my uncle at napa for 445 and got my buds shop to install it for 450. not to bad i think for pump.belt etc i did get a gasket from dealer for 7 bucks it was way nicer then the napa napkin .
Ralph Hayes Toyota did mine with water pump/ seals /timing and serpinetine belts for $600 out the door.
I should have had new hoses and tensioner done....but cant' complain.
My local indie shop just did mine for $1400 + tax. It included:
Timing Belt - 13568-09070
Idler Sub-Assembly - 13503-0F010
Idler Sub-Assembly - 13505-0F010
Tensioner - 13540-50030
Water Pump Assembly - 16100-59275-83
Thermostat - 90916-03138
Thermostat Gasket - 16346-50010
O-Ring - 96761-24019
O-Ring - 96761-35035
Cam Seal x2 - 90311-71002
Crank Seal - 90311-A0001
Drive Belt - 90916-02585
Spark Plug x 8 - 90080-91180
PCV Valve - 12204-50030
Also: Fuel & air filter, all driveline fluids replaced with synthetic, oil change, coolant flush and fill.
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It should also include front wheel bearing repack I am told as well.... The Timing Belt and Water Pump alone is about a $600 job...but to do all the seals, belts, fluids, bearing packs, etc drives it up to $1200-1400 usually from what I can gather. It actually is not a bad price for all the stuff that is required to be done...just make sure they do it.

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