$9 wheel studs!

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Feb 16, 2005
Spokane, WA

Stopped by the local Toyota dealer today to pick up a set of front wheel studs for my 62 so I can change out my rotors (worn way past the minimum thickness), and the chump at the counter tried to tell me that if I found any for less than $9 APIECE they weren't genuine OEM Toyota and were a Chinese knockoff. I laughed at him and told him he needs to look into what the dealers actually mark up. I expected a markup of between $2.50 and $3 per stud, but their price was recockulous. Needless to say, I didn't buy any there and likely won't go back for parts in the future.

I have a bad feeling the days of Toyota hiring parts guys as good as Dan or Onur are long gone.
I need to start doing that.

I wonder if he'd be cool with cinnamon roll scented incense....
When I bought my cruiser in 88, there was no internet shopping.
When I bought parts back then, it was a double trip to the dealer, getting List Price raped each and every time.
Maybe the world's population now is approaching 7 billion and global warming cooling warming cooling warming cooling whatever is now going to end the human race.... but one thing that HAS gotten better is..... buying genuine Toyota parts (what's left of them) now-adays online or from conscientious dealers... is a heck of a lot cheaper and easier than it used to be.
If I can recall, camelback Toyota quoted me 4.50 a piece with the mud discount. I thought that was crazy even. Guess you gotta suck it up if you really "need" them.
Wheels studs hare wheels studs.

IIRC, long time ago, I bought few at NAPA for 2.50$ or so
Wheels studs hare wheels studs.

IIRC, long time ago, I bought few at NAPA for 2.50$ or so

Not true for 40/60 AFAIK. The OE studs fit perfectly. The Wagner/Dorman sold at NAPA do not. And are a tad shorter. Do they work? Yes, they will, with some effort.

I think the long one is for the front axle and the short is for the rear axle as well.

Both sold at my local part shop.

I want to run 91/92 FJ80 wheels on my FJ62. I believe this style wheel was on the mini truck and 4runner earlier but with a little different offset. Just too bad Toyota didn't switch to a aluminum wheels with the FJ62. Instead the easiest way is to buy one inch plus wheel spacers to get the around 1/4" you need. If you can get away with weights only on the outside of the rim it's little less. Test fitting I clear the brake calipers before the tie rod end.
I just replaced mine. Dorman part #610-266 for the rear and #610-264 for the front
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425440335.352626.jpg
. They fit without issue. Got them from Rock Auto.
I ordered a few for the rears couple years back. Maybe $2 from rockauto.com. They work out good
^^ I wish I could get the longer ones above with 1/2" more thread.

Would be easier putting on wheels thats for sure. But longer can be trouble, if they get hit when off roading.

On a side note I've re-used my studs on rotors changes. Unless they look like s*** and are all rust or bent, or have thread damage I don't see a reason not to re-use them. Just buy a couple in case they get damaged coming out and in.
the aftermarket wheel studs are not the same length as the OEM....if that is a concern for you.

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