For Sale 9 Factory FJ40 Steel Wheels

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Dec 8, 2014
United States
I have 8 FJ40 factory wheels with all the hub cap tabs on them. They need sandblasted, however will clean up great.
$250.00 for all.

I have a few other ones that will be pitted after sand blasting. I will toss them in if you like at no additional charge.
Double for me, where are you at and if for disks (welded) I would take them as well, pics would even be nicer-but shipping would be a killer.....
I live in Northern, Indiana. I will take photos tonight for you. They best shipping method is a pallet using Fastenal. $200.00 or less anywhere in the continental U.S. Weight does not make a difference so if you buy a pallet full of stuff the same shipping cost.
Take a look at other items I have. Also, if you are looking for anything else let me know. I have other parts not listed too.
Are you close to Bluffton by chance? Or Fort Wayne for a bigger city reference if you are unfamiliar with Bluffton.
I am familiar with Bluffton. I am about 1 hour and 15 minutes from there. Are you interested in any other Land Cruiser parts?
if you take a pic of the back side of the rim we can see if they are stamped together or welded
I will try to get some photos tonight of the back side of the rims
I see you are adverse to giving a city as a location. normally, the location is in the title as it makes it easier for anyone to calculate shipping or their ability to pick them up. By not including it in the title, or in any responses when it is asked, you are leaving every potential buyer to ask individually.

I am in Fortson, GA. My wife's family is in Middlebury, IN. While I'd like the wheels, I'd need to know how the logistics would work and can't begin to figure that out until I know where the wheels are. How many miles are they from Middlebury, IN?

I live about 30 miles south of Middlebury, IN. in Syracuse, IN. I actually live south of Syracuse, however I have a Syracuse zip code.
Price discounted to $200.00 for all if someone wants them!
I have 9 factory FJ40 wheels with the hubcap clips still on them. 7 are in good condition. 2 are rusted. I will sell all of them for $200.00
welded or rivet?
Smoking deal. In the end, I couldn't arrange/figure transport or afford shipping.

Seller has good comms and you won't find them cheaper!

Good luck with sale!

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