9.00 x 16 military tires on stock 16 " rims

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Mar 22, 2008
Puerto Rico
:) Hi to all.i´m just buy a 1987 with low miles 133... here in Florida( friday 3-21-2008) no rust and over all nice conditions. Well i like the look of the military tires 9.00 x 16 on 16 " rims factory 4 runners rims. The tires are about 35 " high, i´m just got my truck..i need ideas for best lifting. SOA or 4 " oem kit ( $1,500.00 plus shipping..ufff) i´m new with my land cruiser and here on this forum,any help ?? The silver truck its from ::: RUTA'S 4WD - Tu página del 4x4, ecoturismo,actividades al aire libre y la aventura...::: from venezuela,i will try to post a close photo of the tires and rims..thanks to all.
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Hello Eshu! Welcome to Ih8mud!
The 4" OME kit is much easier to install. The SOA involves welding perches to your axles, new shock tours welded to the frame, new steering parts, and maybe even cutting your axle and turning the outer ends (by the steering knuckle)

so if you want to keep it less expensive and easy go with OME.

If you have any more questions about your truck this is the place to ask.

Nice Cruisers by the way!
Thanks cody..how i can post a picture of my truck,im try but the 2 tread dont show up my truck, so OME its the best suspension on the market ?

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