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May 21, 2011
Been lurking now for several months (and this particular lurking session is going on 3+ hours now:eek: ) and I have to say, I'm slowly becoming addicted to this place! Excellent site with tons of knowledge but I digress.

On to my "rig" **will post pics tomorrow** I am the proud driver of a 1989 Fj62 Land Cruiser. My dad bestowed the honor of this car to me last year for my 16th birthday :) and I have caught the fever! So far I have a roof rack, a lift, and some I think 33x10.5 tires. Summer is coming up and I am going to have considerable amounts of spare time, so I'm putting together sort of a wish list of things I want to do to my rig and some small repairs I need to get to and let you guys give me some feedback, my cruiser is in considerably good condition... I would dare to say great even :) I'm going to get out and clean it out and wash it in the morning and will post pics!!

-Cracked Dash Bezel (I decided when I was 14/15 I wanted a nice radio in there for when I turned 16 and it wasn't a complete disaster as a matter of fact it was a steady job for a 15 year old without any prior experience but I ended up with a cracked bezel with some crap job filing marks around the radio hole)
-Replacement Antenna (apparently I pissed someone off and they decided they would break off my antenna and pull out the wire) I may want a combo CB/AM/FM antenna if they aren't complete crap
-Exposed temporary wire replacements (ok so this one is rather an odd deal... I noticed one day my taillights were out as well as my break lights and back up lights and it wasn't the bulbs! Further exploration was that there was a short in the wires somewhere or something was shorting it out and I now have 2 wires exposed.. One run with an inline fuse from my fuse block for my taillights and one run from the backside of my break switch to my break lights actually it lights up my reverse lights but that's a whole new thread really)
-***Bad torque converter?? (at about 45-55 mph I get this weird shaking deal and its only recently done that so I don't know really I'll explore this more VERY soon)
-Blown Gauge Lights (My gauges are pitch black at night which isn't too big of a deal but I do kinda need to see how fast I'm going I think I just need bulbs but it could be something else to my knowledge they have been that way since my father purchased the behemoth!)

-Front & Rear bumper replacements
(not sure what I want really in this department SOMETHING RUGGED for sure )
- Fog Lights on roof rack (and front bumper maybe?)
- Some sort of storage for my roof rack like a box or something maybe
- ROOF ACCESS LADDER!!! I saw one on a cruiser in bham the other day and I have to say I AM IN LOVE it adds a real bad a look to the back end

-New Radio! (on my previous attempt I rushed, forgive me as I was a 15 year old with a new toy! but I never got the HU i had to fit as it was a single DIN and my father tried to help but he ended up cutting off the stock radio pin connector as well as the mounting brackets because in lieu of a little WD40 and elbow grease he decided a jig saw was better :( not to much damage to anything I still have the support struts to mount the bracket to but no brackets! so I had a spacer box and radio hu just sort of jammed into the hole NOT WORKING OUT IN THE LONG RUN! I still haven't really decided whether I like the single DIN hu with a CB (or cup holder option) or just the 2xDIN hu )
-maybe add a nice TUFFY console (it could work out that I do the cup holder and the single DIN radio and put a CB in the console??)
-3rd row seating ? I don't really have a need for too much cargo space but its a good option for hauling around friends :)
-Top Console I saw this on a thread around here and I have to say it looked great I really dig the top console idea on the Fj62

That's it for now.... just sort of a getting out there thread let everyone know the sas is here! I'll probably start another thread tomorrow on that wiring issue with pictures of it for those of you who have knowledge with electrical ins and outs of the Fj62 but just give me your thoughts and insight as to what I am eventually wanting to do! I'm smarter than your average 16 year old I guess and can (and want to) do most of the work myself but that is not always an option! Beauty shots will be up in the next 12 hours or so check back for more!!:p
Before you add your mods, make sure you get all the mechanical items fixed. Your torque converter should lock up at about 53 to 55 MPH when you are in 4th gear. If that is when you are experiencing the shaking, then that could be it. Do a transmission service first with a fluid change and filter screen cleaning and see if that fixes it. These transmissions are very sensitive to low fluid level. If you still have the problem after servicing the transmission, then you might want to get some professional help diagnosing the problem. Sounds like your Dad knows how to keep you out of trouble. All your money and your time will be going into your Landcruiser! Smart.
I took a look at that WiredWagon aux fuse block and I have to say that is a great option I def want in the future! I ran into a couple of snags today...

FIRST OFF - **good news** called a guy about the transmission prob I had and he guaranteed me a fluid change and filter cleaning would fix that in no time at all! so that is what I'm doing first available moment I have

for starters this morning I wanted to give my old radio one last shot... and to my surprise.... IT DIDN'T WORK!!! well but here is why!! I noticed last night that my clock had died.. and I thought that was unusual so I broke out some diagrams I had downloaded from this forum a while back and I found where I previously missed something!!! There is a wire connected to a 7.5A fuse via the dome fuse in my fuse block that connects not only to the clock BUT PROVIDES THE CONSTANT 12v to the radio as well!!! meaning that all this time I have been trying to connect to the 12v Switched wire coming from the cigar lighter!!!


does anyone have a diagram for the speakers as far as color on the factory wiring harness? I can't seem to find anything like that at all!?!?!?! any help would be appreciated!! I'm snagging some spare fuses *and some pine tree air fresheners from wally world tonight!! looking forward to it!
Get Febreeze and save the trees. For your stereo issues, routing a new constant from the fuse block or battery(with a fuse inline) would be your best bet. Do you not have the factory plugs for your radio connections? If you have those plugs then get an adapter harness from Wallymart to simplify your wiring connections and keep from splicing into factory harness. Bets advice would be to find someone who is good with auto electrics to help you, and buy an inexpensive meter to check connections with so you don't burn up your radio. And keep a fire extinguisher handy. I wish a Cruiser was my first vehicle....you're a lucky guy.
I love my cruiser! It's THE best thing I have ever received by far!! And no I do not have the factor plugs... I wonder if you could have them ordered though... would the colors on the wires match possibly???

I think I have solved the issues with finding out what is what... for the most part anyway... I know there is a green cable with a white stripe - that is your illumination + and a green one (not to be confused with the LIGHT green wire) and that is your illumination -, their is a red and black wire (before the connector that is) and that is the constant I believe that to be the yellow and blue wire after the connector... I'll look more at my diagrams tonight and see but I think I have this thing finally figured out!! and now all I need to do is figure out how I want to mount this (for the time being) I want a new radio here soon but first I want this one to be operational until I get the money (currently at work now :) sneaking off to get on here) but eventually I want to go and find a nice altimeter and inclinometer and external temperature gauge mounted on the single DIN space below another single DIN hu... but that has yet to be seen...
Got some fuses today and either tomorrow or wednesday I'm going to fix my radio... now I just need to hunt down those mounting brackets...

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