89 fj 62 dip stick

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Jun 13, 2012
Forest Knolls, CA
I add the 8.2 qts of oil called for in the manual, I think its Hayes, and it maxs out my dip stick. Is it possible I have the wrong dipstick or is manual wrong?
Hey there. It's unlikely you have the wrong dipstick, I'm thinking your engine was not completely "dry" prior to adding the oil.

Was this an engine rebuild, a regular oil change, or...?
I let engine drain for 2-3 hrs until there was just a drip. I changed oil filter. Added 8.2 qts of oil and it maxs dip stick.
Ran engine and let it sit over night. same reading. Is it possible I have the wrong dip stick?

Looks like both of mine ('89 and '90), but mine are 13-3/8" from the end of the dipstick to the underside of the "stopper". It looks like your's is 13-5/8" long, or 1/4" longer, so it would read more full.

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