For Sale 89-94 Toyota Truck Plate Style Rear Bumpers

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Jul 7, 2009
United States
Hey all,
Im a newb here, but frequent other similar forums. I just wanted to try an help spread the word of the new rear bumpers I am building for Toyota trucks. I saw a lack of plate style bumpers in the industry for our trucks, especially rear bumpers. I went to work designing one, and then had a run of 12 made.
These are all 3/16" steel material. Laser cut, and CNC formed. The frame mounting brackets are 1/4" steel material. They do require a slot to be cut into the back body panel between the two bed sides, to allow the frame brackets to slide through, and to the frame itself. They use the factory mounting holes in your frame.
A tremendous amount of ground clearance is gained, and they look great as well. A new liscence plate mounting location will need to be determined, which is up to the customer. Each has (2) 1" thick steel clevis mounting tabs, as well as a reciever hitch tube welded in place. You'll notice the frame brackets actually incapsulate the clevis mounting tabs, putting the load on the frame itself when tugging on the clevis mounts, not the bumper itself like other designs.
You will also notice there is a bottom flange on the underside of the bumper. Most bumpers simply would have been bent down, and left with a straight flange sticking down toward the ground. This is a very weak and poor design. With the 3/4" flange that is incorporated into these bumpers, there is material in two different planes making them considerably stronger than the usual design seen on bumpers these days.
If interested, feel free to email or message me through the forum. They will ship FedEx freight, with a wooden frame built around them, and shrink wrapped. They will arrive with the exterior welds ground down smooth, all edges rounded/matched, and jitter bugged with a DA sander, making them very near "paint ready" when you open them up.
I can also sell these in any stage of completion, from a total kit, to everything welded but not ground down, to whatever else you think of. Contact me for prices.
Thanks in advance

*** The next 4 bumpers that are sold, will be at an introductory price of $250, plus shipping. This is actually $150 off the original price. ***
***IMPORTANT*** Due to the harsh nature of off-roading/4-wheeling, there is no warranty expressed or implied on this product, or any other product offered by myself. The reciever tube in the bumpers is not rated and/or recommended for towing purposes. Tow at your own risk!





New pictures!

I finally got around to getting one painted, and on my truck. Tell me what you think of it.





Nice job.
What state/area are you located as shipping can be expensive?

Any thought on making one for a FJ45 longbed pickup?
Nice job.
What state/area are you located as shipping can be expensive?

Any thought on making one for a FJ45 longbed pickup?

Im in the Sacramento, CA area. The one I shipped to Georgia was around $70 for shipping. As for making them for other wont happen until these are gone. Its frustrating to build something because "so many wanted them", just to sit on them even after cutting the price nearly in half.
Let me know if your interested.

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