89 3FE and 85 2F shortblock - gauging interest

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Mar 30, 2006
Looking to clear up some space in the garage and see if I could pique any local interest.

I have a complete 1988 3FE with roughly 150,000 miles on it- so its just broken in :) . I bought it from a Vegas Mudder who put a 5.7 into his 62. Engine is complete- includes all accessories, PS pump. AC condenser, dist., coil, ect. ect. Also have a 62 radiator,the ECU, and engine wiring harness from the 62 donor.

Also have a second 85 2F long block (condition unknown) with complete manual bell housing and clutch that I was going to rebuild.

My plans were to build a 2FE. Not sure when I will be around to doing it so I though I would see if anyone needed a new motor or wanted to finish the project I was going to start.

I would like to get $1,000.00-and really would like to sell locally and avoid shipping and all the other hassles. I am open to REASONABLE offers- Cash works , Guns , ??? ........ Just not interested in trading LC parts for more LC parts.

:steer: Tim

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