88 FJ62 transmission trouble

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Nov 18, 2010
Benton, Louisiana
I've been searching the posts and can't find what I need. I'm sure it's there somewhere so please bare with me.

I've got an '88 FJ62 with 290,xxx miles and the auto trans with OD. I had the filter and fluid changed about a month ago. For the last week or so, my tranny is slipping in 1st & 2nd pretty bad after warming up. When I shift it manually, I can feel the gears engaging like they should but I can't put it in D and just drive.
This is the 2nd transmission in this rig and the previous owner is the one who installed it. After searching online, I've seen where issues like this are caused by a defective transmission control module (TCM). It's a fairly cheap part but I don't know where it's located at. I have also adjusted the shifter cable leading to the throttle body and it made no difference.
So my question(s) is this, could a faulty TCM be causing my issues or is this transmission in need of a rebuild/replacement?
Should I have my transmission, which has small leaks, drained and back flushed?
Is there a particular type of ATF I should be using?

And yes, I have checked the fluid. Haha.
This is a fully hydraulic transmission, no TCM. The first thing I would check is the throttle cable that goes from the throttle body to the transmission ("kickdown cable"). Make sure it is adjusted taught, or just short of taught. Some folks have had issued with frayed or broken cables, but that's beyond what I've dealt with myself.

Edit - just re-read your post. Originally I thought you meant you adjusted the cable from the gas pedal, but sounds like you played with the correct one. Was it taught or loose? They stretch over the years so you have to go by feel rather than a measurement (like the FSM suggests). Did it tighten up or stay loose as you adjusted? If you work the throttle shaft by hand, does is move smoothly?
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Doesn't sound too hopeful. You can try the Rodney party trick, followed by a Rodney flush and hope for the best. My 62 seems to run just fine on Walmart ATF and might save you from throwing too much good money after bad should things not work out.
I sure did say shifter cable, I meant kick down. The cable closest to the firewall. I did notice yesterday that the kick down cable is not routed properly. It comes up the firewall directly behind their or and then directly I ER to the throttle body instead of coming out near the tranny dip stick and attached to the clip on the dip stick. Thanks for your info guys.

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