Wanted '88 fj62 - lock solenoid, int trim, hose hook, driver's seat

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Sep 1, 2005
Tampa, FL
United States
I need the following:

- rear lock solenoid out of the rear hatch.
- driver's side seat - grey/blue (w/ good foam, minimal to no tears in cloth and vinyl)
- frt passenger side pillar trim - grey - covers seat belt
- hose-stay hook over thermostat/water pump

send pm or email, would prefer to ship large items by UPS commercial/business or Greyhound. USPS is good for small solenoid and hook.

located in FL
88 FJ62 - one more thing

Also need the left side vent tunnel out of the rear. It's a plastic piece that fits behind the louver vent and goes into the cab through the rear pillar. My pit bull chewed it to shreds during my restoration :(
If the lock solenoid is the same as the front right door, then I have one from an 88 FJ62. Check with the local dealership to see if they are interchangable and let me know if you need it. Thanks


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