88 fj62 donor parts for swap

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Jun 17, 2006
My very tired 2F ate a valve the other day and did some catastrophic damage. Toasted !! I bought an 88 fj62 and ran a compression test on it and all where 155 lbs across the board. So I've done some searching and found a couple threads on this swap. Here is my question. Having the whole running driving donor, what all should I pull out of it for my swap. It is auto, so thats not going in. I would like to keep it as clean as possible, I will be desmogging. My 40 is a 70/72/78. Thanks.
engine, of course you knew that
air flow meter and associated tubes, including air cleaner if you can fit it in
engine wiring harness
wiring harness in the cowl of the truck
coil and igniter
efi relay
circuit opening relay
VSV valves
power steering lines
fuel filter hoses
exhaust down pipes and O2 sensors
throttle cable
transmission support

I think that's it.
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Not sure if you can desmog a 3FE the way it sits since it needs all the computer components to make it run smooth as soon as you start removing smog stuff from it you will have a hard time to get it to run smooth.
Being fuel injected it is not a remove and add carb since the head is different you may be able to swap the 2F head onto the 3F block then go carburated.
I had not thought of changing out the heads, Im gonna stick with the FI head. I'm sure some of the ' extra smog ' can be removed, just not clear yet. I've been finding more info on this swap and it would seem like a great swap and worth the effort. Anyone with some personal experience would be vert appreciated.
Swap the 3FE head onto the 2F if you want to pick up some more power, you'll have all the parts (other than rebuilding the lower end of your current 2F)

This will have information on a 2FE swap, but should answer a lot of your questions on what you need to use on the 3FE

I thought you need a late 2F to build a 2FE?? Something about flat vs domed pistons?
3fe if it is running good makes a nice swap, LELANDEOD did one and it turned out real nice, if the 3fe is in good running condition why not use it. PM lee he can give you more info, putting the two wiring harness together was the biggest part. The rest bolted together...if I remember he used the 2f mounts.. Someone else did one but used the whole fj62 steering column and harness... 3fe In a 62 or fj80 was a dog but in a 40 with less weight they work well.. You can de smog them, most all the toyota smog stuff was add on, ROW markets didn't get the smog stuff, look in the fj60 forum lots of good info on desmoging,
My 3FE is de-smogged, no air injection or EGR. No problems. An EFI engine with EGR does tend to advance the timing further than one that does not so without EGR it may ping on cheap fuel. The 3FE has no knock sensor so exercise caution. Although advertised as MPI, the 3FE is pretty rudimentary FI so don't look for greatly improved fuel economy or power.

If you want power put in a V8. If you want economy drive a VW TDI.

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