88 fj62 auto trans 161k $400

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Jan 25, 2007
Charlotte, NC
United States
Auto trans (A440F) from 88 FJ62. Was a stock truck when I bought it.

It is still in the truck, come drive it to ck it out:steer:, and for $400 its yours. I would also do some trading for the manual trans stuff I need. Pedals, clutch stuff, 1f bellhousing, SM420 TO 3sp case adapter, etc.

pullls good, shifts good. Trans pan is a little dented. :hillbilly:
Let me know if it doesn't sell, I am interested.
Great. Just emailed you with contact info and a few questions.


Just got back in town.

I just responded to a few PMs, gotta go back and check whos first in line.

Where did you email? I havent seen anything.

Calling me is def best. Kyle (704) 264 5356.

Edit: AOL acct shown on here, I havent looked at in forever.
Hey Kyle, I'll give you a call today (May 21). Still interested in the transmission.

Cool. I'll be hanging out and drinking beer all weekend. :beer: Gimme a shout.
Hey Kyle, left a voicemail for you (5/25/09). Change of plans for the project. Going to hold off for now and go with an H55 upgrade sometime in the next year. Thanks for your time and patience and hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend!

Thanks again!
Hey Kyle - got your message - sorry I missed you...I'll give you a call back Monday (6/1). I'm interested in buying the trans and having it shipped. Thanks.

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