88 4runner diesel swap

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Mar 27, 2007
hey all ... newbie here ... just got my first 4x4 last month and i'm ready to start making some mods ... ( i plan a 3" suspension lift, 33's, downey super clutch, front/side/rear tubing, racks, and an engine swap w/ possible drive line upgrade ... that should keep me happy for a while until i find a 40 and a 80)

anyhow ... i have an 1st gen '88 5spd 4runner with a 2.4 22re ... the engine has 190k on it so i'm thinking of swapping it out for more power and for diesel fuel economy/options

i'm thinking about a yota 3.0 turbo diesel ... will that fit? any other 6cyl diesel options that will fit?

i have a friend with an '85 pu, his 22re blew so he's puttin in a 4cyl turbo diesel ... he's got more experience than me (has owned a 40 and a 55) so i'm going to watch while he does his swap before i do mine

thanks for your advice, this place rocks
i'm thinking about a yota 3.0 turbo diesel ... will that fit? any other 6cyl diesel options that will fit?
Hi and welcome:D
Are you thinking about the 1KZ T engine? That would be good swap once you sorted out the electronics.

I think the 6cyl is a little heavy and a little long for a 4 runner.
From fan to rear output flange is 6 ft
found some good links

thanks for pointing out that engine. doing a search for it brought me to these useful pages:
(how come the yotatech fourm looks like this one but just a different color?)

and this page with all the engine types:

and a site dedicated to toyota diesel :D yahooo!!!

it looks like i could possibly get up to 150hp if a get an intercooled 4cyl diesel and make sure it can breath with a performance intake and exahust (the 22re lacks a little uknow) ... there is a lot less work involved with a 4cyl diesel swap, some will bolt right in ... and i'm reading that the 4cyl has less problems than a 6

thanks :)
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somethink like that . ?


1KZ-T engine in a pic up ( Toy ) keep in mind tranny and t-case ( rear centered and the front output on driver side )

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