Ford '87 Ford 302 EFI Broken Bolt

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May 12, 2009
Ok, so I needed to replace the thermostat to get my old hunting truck ready for this fall and the more I removed the more I saw I needed to replace.

Everything went ok until I got to this last bolt and the bolt/stud broke just underneath the water pump.

I have used PB Blaster for 2 days...heated it and the block with my torch and I don't see any movement.

So, here is what I think my options are and PLEASE feel free to guide me in the right direction.

First, my biggest fear is that if I continue, the bolt/stud will break off in the block, that is why I have ruled out an "easy out" remedy. I broke one of them off in in the hole on another project years ago and I don't even want to contemplate doing that in the block.

I wonder if it would be advisable for someone to mig/tig a 3/8 threaded rod onto this 5/16 broke stud and then drill the water pump housing out to 3/8?

Try to remove it anyway, and when it does break off in the block try to drill it and tap it to a 3/8 or other size?

I'm afraid it is so galled to the block that going to the trouble of removing the timing housing may lead to more broken bolts just to end up in the same situation.

From what I have read this is a common occurrence with this particular bolt/stud.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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Got it!

After 3 days of spraying when I thought of it , I went and bought a pack of Irwin Bolt Grips and put one on my trusty and old impact wrench and it backed out unbelievably...cost me $25 !!


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