'87 fj60 SOA in Denver/Ft. Collins Area

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Jul 10, 2003
I'm purchasing a '87 LC in Colorado and before heading back home I would like to modify the Cruiser a little.

So, I'm looking for a reputable company that has experience with the SOA conversion on the fj60.

Jimmy Hickok
who are u buyin that from, and how much if you dont mind....? just wondering
Call Ron at Rocky Mountain Cruisers in Denver. Not only is he a heck of a nice guy...he knows his stuff. If you can get your rig in there, you'll be happy.

Another place to try would be Slee Off-Road in Golden - even they bill themselves as 80 series specialists they know what they're doing on 60's.

Where are you bringing it back to? If you're heading west (like through Utah), I had my engine swapped, transfer rebuilt and an H55f installed by DJ's Traction in Salt Lake City - Hands down the best guy I've ever dealt with. Totally honest and straighforward.

HTH Cardinal 87 FJ60
Thanks Cardinal,

I'm going to be heading back to Houston, TX after the conversion so going west would be an extra trip. I will give Ron a call to see how backed up he is. The guys at Slee are great, I've had several 80' series with their gear on them...good guys.

hullendersauce - the price is a fair one since it has high mileage. The Cruiser is located in either Boulder or Ft. Collins, depending on where the owner is at the time.
Also, west of there in Delta, CO is Proffits Cruisers. This dude also knows his stuff. Their work ranges from crazy rock crawler cruisers to complete cruiser restorations. &nbsp:Do toy truck work as well. Not sure what they charge, but so far his prices beat anybody else hands down on stuff I've checked into. http://www.proffittscruisers.com/

And FYI, DJs in SLC is rumored to be goin' outta business..so you better call them first for sure. Though there are plenty of other joints in Utah that can do that kind of work. Cruiser Outfitters to name one. http://www.cruiseroutfitters.com/
thought you might be buyin bobby's over at high ctry 4x4...enjoy the new rig!!!

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