87 FJ60 Landcruiser

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Jun 3, 2012
I am sure there is a sticky out there in regards to this question but I couldn't find anything.

If I wanted to pain my 87 FJ60 light grey cruiser to a darker green, how much would that run me for an excellent job? I am based in DC and wondering if anybody has any recommendations.

Thanks guys!
Huge variation in painting cars. You say "excellent" job, but that's subjective. It rules out Maaco, but leaves a lot still open. Do you have rust or body damage, that will cost you more. Will you do any of the prep, or are you looking to drop off and pick up a complete job. My guess is $3K to $7K is a reasonable range for a really nice job, but I know you can go up from there.
The truck has absolutely no rust. I would do some of the prep myself.
As wisely mentioned before, paint is very subjective and prices vary widely.

A frame off, restoration quality paint job, where the body is disassembled and blasted to bare metal will run around $16k. That's if you deliver it stripped of all glass, gaskets, and hardware.

If you aren't worried about under the hood but still want your doors to show your new color, then your looking at $5-7k. Anything under $5k probably isn't going to last very long.
Definitely avoid the maacos and similar if you're interested in a long term deal

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