86' BJ60 tach

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Jan 1, 2016
Bradenton Fl
I have a 86' BJ60 from Nicaragua it doesn't have a tach, I would like to install one. As near as I can tell my bellhousing is not drilled and tapped for sender. What I need to know is do I have to get a different bellhousing or could I drill and tap it? Also does the flywheel need to be changed so tach sender will read flywheel. Thanks
I can't help with the stock type tach, but if you don't come up with any way to easily hook up a stock tack you can go with a Tiny Tach. The Tiny Tach reads impulses from one of the injector lines. Here's the website for the Tiny Tach: Diesel Tiny-Tach | Design Technology, Inc., Home of Tiny-Tach

I have the Tiny Tach on my Chevy pickup with the 6.5 diesel and like it. Much more accurate than the stock Chevy tach. It does have other features, that I haven't used, than just the tachometer.

To get enough room to drill the bell housing, the bell housing would have to be out of the truck. Soooo, I would just replace it with the other bell housing. Then you need a tach and sensor of course=+ minor electrical.

Sounds like a tiny tach is an easier route.
Has a replacement cluster with a oem tach. Thats why I am trying to locate a oem sender and asking about the flywheel. Thanks
If you have the OEM tach in place on the dash already it might be worth trying to get it working before going to the Tiny Tach.


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